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What our clients say


MH T. | St. Cloud

I've just recently started my ACD Red Heeler puppy Bindi on her training. Pam came to my home on Feb 20th & spent 3 full hours with us learning about Bindi's background, health & 'quirks'. During this...

Paul and Carolyn H.
Paul and Carolyn H. | Palm Bay

We’ve had pets all our lives and this was the first time we ever reached out for professional help. In less than 30 days, Cooper has become an out of control puppy, with extreme fear issues, to a ...

Carolyn H.
Carolyn H. | Palm Bay, Brevard

Cooper is doing very well with his training and obeying most of his commands after only six days. He is getting better with walking on leash and is not herding our older dog going in and out of the ...

Cynthia G.
Cynthia G. | Palm Bay, Brevard

Wish I could give 10 stars! We simply are over the moon with Bark Busters and our trainer Oam. She works magic. Pam is a true professional! She is full of wisdom! And sooo caring. She listens to your ...

Tom D.
Tom D. | Melbourne Beach, Brevard

I was amazed with what Pam was able to teach us in the first session. Sorry that i had not contacted them much sooner. Our lives and our loving Aussies lives also would have been better for sure. ...

Maria F.
Maria F. | St Cloud

I would first like to say that our first visit with Pam was amazing! Pam took her time to focus on all our concerns with our two puppies and gave us so much helpful information. We continued to work ...

Joyce C.
Joyce C. | Melbourne

I have had a rescue dog for about a year. She is afraid of everything. After the first visit there was great improvement. I found that she thought she was in charge. This was the big problem. Pam ...

Chris and Elena M.
Chris and Elena M. | West Melbourne

Pam is awesome. Our puppy has become such well behaved, happy and responsive family member because of Pam's training. Pam is punctual and has excellent communication skills. We enjoyed having her ...

Wendy W.
Wendy W. | Palm Bay, Brevard

We had a great first session with Pam! Saw amazing results after the first hour. I am looking forward to continuing the techniques we learned so everyone loves our pups as much as we do!...

melissa s.
melissa s. | Palm Bay

Best decision we ever made! We had a 3 month old Mastiff/Labrador mix who was getting out of control. We had results after our very first session. Pam has been wonderful. She is always positive and ...

Kayla S.
Kayla S. | Palm Bay

We recently completed our last training session with Pam and she has been absolutely incredible! Our main reason for seeking in-home training was some aggression and backyard territorial control ...

Laurie M.
Laurie M. | Palm Bay

I really want to thank you again for all of your help and encouragement!! Darla is doing awesome on the schedule! We are thrilled with her progress and we owe it to you! Thank you!!...

Glenn S.
Glenn S. | Melbourne

I've just completed my training with Pam. Please understand our dog had some issues and not knowing her the first year of life before we adopted her. I realized a couple things. The petowners need to ...

Lori M.
Lori M. | West Melbourne

Hi, this is Lori Matthews. Thank you again for coming to help our family with Darla. I've already seen a change and it's because of you and your techniques we've been doing. We've been playing in the...

Glenn S.
Glenn S. | Melbourne

After a couple days with our adopted labrabull Lucy I just wasn't sure. After a few visits from Pam I can not believe I almost gave up on what has become the best dog ever in all aspects. Without ...

Glenn S.
Glenn S. | Melbourne

So you think because you own a dog(s) and have for years you know it all. We spend alot of money on our pets and when they are hurt even more. Pam (our )trainer that's my wife and I too. I had no idea...

Ron B.
Ron B. | Palm Bay

I wanted to let someone know how pleased we are with Pam Twardzik. She has been worth every dollar spent. Without her I don't know that we could have kept our new family member. She has given us the...

Christine B.
Christine B. | Palm Bay

Pam was outstanding! She answered all of my questions and had great tips and tricks to help me with my lab, Meeka! Meeka was already following the new commands before Pam even left! Thank you!!...

Frank W.
Frank W. | West Melbourne

Pam is outstanding! Showed us some easy techniques to cure two barking problems. Results were immediate! Had used another trainer (more expensive) previously with unsuccessful results. Pam also ...

Elena R.
Elena R. | Palm Bay

I adopted my dog from a local shelter, a feisty young chihuahua named Remy. I was at the end of my rope with his barking and inability to walk calmly on a leash. Pam with Bark Busters was exactly ...

Kim M.
Kim M. | Melbourne

Pam was as good at training me to be a better pack leader as she was training the dogs! I went into the training with 3 dogs who did not listen to me and they were misbehaving in the house.. Chewing,...

Kim P.
Kim P. | Palm Bay

I love Pam!! I loved my time with Pam, and look forward to our next training session! She listened to our needs and desires for our dog and addressed those issues first. (He no longer takes US for...

Cameron and Lisa M.
Cameron and Lisa M. | Melbourne

Pam was knowledgeable, patient and really made our experience amazing. We had unbelievable results the first day. We were able to enjoy an evening walk with out any pulling and we were able to have ...

Joseph W.
Joseph W. | Melbourne Beach

My girlfriend and I engaged Pam to help our husky with toileting issues, recalling, and separation anxiety. Her advice and training was very tailored and specific to our home, habits, and personal ...

Kim S.
Kim S. | Melbourne

We have a 6 1/2 year old rescue that we fell in love with the minute we met her - she is our perfect baby girl, however, she suffers from separation anxiety. We were beside ourselves thinking what ...

Elizabeth W.
Elizabeth W. | Lake Nona/St. Cloud

Finally something that worked!!! Pam was so patient with our pack. Each dog had its own needs and she worked well with each of them. She truly took the time to explain to us the reasoning for anything...

Virginia S.
Virginia S. | Palm bay

Pam was very clear and instilled confidence. We had amazing results in the first lesson. I thought it would take months to stop Dusty from attacking the kids on the swings, but I was able to stop ...

Carrie C.
Carrie C. | Palm Bay

Pam is awesome. She came in and watched Tiny and Gracie and was able to quickly access their personalities. The first lesson we learned how to become the leader of the pack. Immediately after Pam left...

Stefania C.
Stefania C. | Melbourne Beach

I am so happy to have found Pam! She has helped us enormously, been patient, answered all our questions and been a great asset to acclimating Milo into our life. Our Milo has made a big change since ...

Rick R.
Rick R. | Palm Bay

Pam has proven to be an excellent resource that our family has come to rely on. Unlike most training sessions where you have a to take your dog to an unfamiliar location and only have a short time to ...

Anne B.
Anne B. | Melbourne

Christmas was an out of control puppy who did pretty much as she pleased, Pam is not only training the dog but myself as well on how to handle myself so the dog will respect me and will be easier to...

sandra H.
sandra H. | Palm Bay

So glad we used Bark Busters , we've had a great experience, Pam is wonderful to work with and we had results immediately . I would recommend anyone reading this to just go ahead and sign up it is ...

Carol J.
Carol J. | Palm bay

I was ecstatic after the first home visit as Deoge responded so well to the new pack rules. I own a business and had another visit there. Again, excellent response! No barking at employees coming ...

Megan A.
Megan A. | Melbourne

My experience with Pam was amazing. From the moment I'd wake up, to the second I went to bed, my dog would bark at everything and anything, even a leaf dropping. My dog had been through multiple group...

Anne H.
Anne H. | W. Melbourne

Pam was fabulous from the instant she walked in the door. She assessed Cheyenne's behavior and helped us learn to deal with her. We went from a dog who barked incessantly and flipped out whenever ...

Kristy C.
Kristy C. | Palm Bay

This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Pam came in and in one session I saw growth in both of my dogs. Whether I called between sessions for advice or had Pam to the house it wad an ...



Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

Does your dog bark constantly when it’s not appropriate?

Does your dog get stressed when you leave?

Does your dog chew and dig out of boredom or otherwise?

Toilet training your puppy should start as soon as the puppy is home with you.

Does your dog continuously repeat certain behaviors more than normal?

Is your dog aggressive toward humans or other dogs?.

Does your dog pull on his leash during a walk and try to walk you?


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